About us

Siam Sunflower Co., Ltd. are located in Asia, on a Island Koh Samui in south Thailand. We started 2012 with a single website about travel to Thailand and then we have expended to around 20 websites and mostly about travel and holiday websites, some are in multi language like English, Chinese, German, Russian and Swedish. Content; Hotel, vacation rentals, Golf, Wedding, Restaurants & Bars, Spa & Health, Diving, Activities To Do and much more. We cover around 200 destinations in Asia.

Our office located in Koh Samui, where we running all websites, we have a fast website server located in England. Most websites running on SSL cert for secure and private connection for users.

We also running a foundation website, we can’t handle donations from outside. Only direct partners are involved and of course our company Siam Sunflower Co., Ltd. This is new for us but we are very excited to see where it can lead to. We do believe that small companies can make a difference and together maybe archive something good. Please visit our foundation website ThailandGuide24.org